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Our diveshop offers you value for money and has all products on stock and in 'the house"

Our diveshop has a unique selling point : We do have all diving equipment andsnorkeling equipment in stock. Coming to our divecenter and diveshop is guaranteed succes !

Our diveshop is every day of the week opened from 16.00 - 20.00 except sundays. What do we offer :

The basic of our diving equipment are the diving mask and the snorkel. Extremely important for comfortable and safe diving. Take a look at our diving masks and snorkels >>>>>

We offer you the best deal we can do.

The combination of finns and booties assures you of the best diving experience ever. The finns are extremely improtant for proper buoyancy. Maje sure you have rhe right and best possible finns >>>>>

We offer you the best products for the very best prices.

The perfect regulator gives you on every depth the right amount of air towards your mouth. make sure your regulator is relatively maintenance free. This saves you a lot of annoyance during diving. Look at our regulators. >>>>>

We provide you with “Value for money” with our TUSA regulators

The comfort of buoyancy is mostly determined with proper techniques but your stabjacket / BCD helps you a lot. Look at our BCD’s >>>>>

Our stock contains BCD’s from Tusa, Mares en Seacsub

You can not dive without knowledge of diving time , depth and air consumption. The latest divecomputers are more then reliable. Your life is depending on the proper information. See what divecomputers we have in stock >>>>>

We offer the best prices for all our “on stock” divecomputers