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Our dive shop in Spain, Costa del Sol supplies everything for diving and snorkeling. Moreover, we are  the  sales representative of TUSA for Spain.

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What can you expect in our dive shop.

First of all, as a TUSA sales representative you can expect a fully-fledged showroom with all possible TUSA diving and TUSA SPORT materials presented in the right way. Tidy in the right way so that everything can be viewed well before you proceed to purchase.


Diving masks and snorkels:

We of course have the entire collection of TUSA diving masks and goggles in stock. The very best quality when it comes to diving goggles supplied by TUSA. We also have a nice collection of masks from Mares and Seacsub. Of course we have the “full face” snorkel mask in stock for snorkelers.


Fins and booties:

Fins and booties are extremely important for fine and comfortable diving and snorkeling. Our collection of fins and booties consist of the brands TUSA, Mares and Seacsub.


Diving suits:

During diving and or snorkeling you have to protect yourself against the cold. Whether it is a 3mm shorty, a 5mm diving suit, a 7mm diving suit or a dry suit. We have the diving suits of Mares and Seacsub in all sizes in stock. So come and join us today.


Trim vests and BCD’s:

A well-fitting and comfortable waistcoat ensures more stability and certainly safety (on the surface). We offer a wide selection of Mares, Seacsub and Tusa trim vests and BCD’s.


Dive computers:

During your dive you need to monitor and control the dive time, the depth and the non-decompression time.

At Dutch Scuba Divers you are not allowed to dive without a dive computer.

A dive computer is an indispensable part of your diving equipment. Our dive shop has all the Mares dive computers in stock. In our diving school we use the Mares Puck pro plus dive computer and it is part of the rented diving equipment.


Buying accessories in our shop for diving:

Think of a diving lamp, an SMB, a slate and various mounting tools that you need when diving.

Of course we naturally have T-shirts from our dive center logo available, rash guards, sunglasses, drinking cups and all kinds of attributes that remind you of your fantastic diving holiday at Dutch Scuba Divers in Spain.


Our dive shop is open from March 1 till October 31:

Open from:

Monday till Friday from 9 a.m. till 1.30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. till 7 p.m.

Saturdays from 9 am to 1.30 pm.

We are closed on Sundays.