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Diving spots

Our famous divesites and places for diving and snorkelling at the Costa del Sol, Spain.

We do dive and snorkeling at the various dive sites that are mainly located in the Cerro Gordo National Park and on the cliffs of Marina del Este and La Herradura. For only snorkeling or a starting dive course such as Try Scuba, Scuba Diver or the Open water diver dive course we also have shallower dive sites which are also closer to the dive center.


Diving in Spain and then certainly on the Costa del Sol and the Cerro Gordo is best characterized by crystal clear water (unless we have a western wind ‘Poniënte’ for a longer time) relatively little current (if this is the case it is indicated) and always lots of fish such as; Mola Mola, tuna, barracuda, octopus, flying gurnard, conger – and moray eels, sardines, eagle rays, reef fish and all kinds of soft corals.


During the boat trip there is a good chance that we will see dolphins (especially in the period June. July and August) the same applies to “flying fish” In short, a spectacular boat trip because in addition to these animals, the landscape is also incredibly beautiful.


The dive sites that we use for snorkeling and providing a beginner diving training are subdivided into depths and difficulty:


+ simple (snorkeling and diving courses)

++ fairly easy (snorkeling and diving courses)

+++ Can be tricky (treacherous flow) but not required (only diving)

++++ Minimum advanced diver level related to depth and waterflow (diving only)


+ Mezquitilla:

This reef is only sailing for 10 minutes by boat from our home base and has various rock and rock structures, which makes diving and snorkeling extremely interesting. The depth varies from 4 meters to 12 meters. The underwater life that you mainly encounter here consists, stone fish, moray eels, smaller reef fish, octopus, sardines and the regular Mediterranean Sea life. This place is weather dependent in terms of underwater visibility, on the day itself we decide whether we can dive / snorkeling or not.


+ Torrox wreck Delphin

Just off the coast, near the Torrox Calaceite beach (a 20-minute boat ride from our main port) is this cargo ship that has sailed on the rocks and sunk. At just 4 – 6 meters depth lies this more than 80 meters long wreck which is beautifully overgrown and is full of marine life of all sorts. Ideally suited for a day of snorkeling or a “shallow dive” or dive during training.


+ Nerja Burriana

On the east side of this beautiful beach in Nerja there are various caves and “swim throughs” which are not deep and are therefore ideal for snorkeling. Less than 30 minutes by boat from our main port, you will be amazed by the stunningly beautiful underwater nature that you will find here. So, take your camera with you (pictures from and under the water are really cool). The depth varies from 6 – 36 Ft.


++ Maro cliffs.

As the word suggests, the Cerro Gordo National Park starts just 35 minutes by boat from our dive center. Snorkeling and a shallow dive are really beautiful in this area. You will also be amazed by the beautiful nature which is perfectly visible in the water. The depth varies from 6 – 36 Ft.


++ Cañuelo

The cliffs of this beach in combination with the rocky bottom that you find here provides an amazing view. Since we are here in the Cerro Gordo nature park, you will find a lot of things here such as schools of Boquerón’s and sardines, but also octopus, flying gurnard, stonefish, Murray eels, conger eels and further all expected fish species. The trip is roughly 45 minutes, but it is worth it. The depth varies from 6 – 36 Ft. Snorkeling and shallow diving.


++ Candelabros

Candelabros is a 50-minute boat ride away. In a small bay we can moor the boat to determine on the spot what course we are going to swim. The wall extends all the way to La Herradura and from this side a depth of 36 – 48 Ft is the best dive you can imagine. Take a dive lamp with you to see all the life that is located here in the various crevasses. We can expect a waterflow on this dive, so we decide on the spot what to do.


+++ Las Palomas

At the western tip of the bay of La Herradura we find Las Palomas. Depending on the water flow we can choose to follow the “wall” towards the beach (max depth 30 -36 Ft) or towards the west (60 – 90 Ft). This place is known in the summer for its Mola Mola (the angelfish). Place is not suitable for snorkeling.


++ Tres Picos

As the name suggests, Tres Picos Nerja, this dive site consists of 3 upright ‘Picos’ where you can swim completely through and around. Clouds of fish will accompany you during this dive. You can choose to go shallow (10 – 40 Ft) or go snorkeling. Deeper to more than 75 Ft is also possible at this dive site.


+++ La Calita

The favorite dive site of Dutch Scuba Divers, located at Avenida de Andalucia local 163B 29751 Caleta de Vélez, Málaga, Andalusia is La Calita. This dive site really offers everything that makes diving so beautiful. Depth here runs very fast in to over 90 Ft, also the water flow can be treacherous here. Mola Mola and various other larger fish species are regularly spotted here (tuna, barracudas) This dive site is a 1-hour boat ride from our dive center.


++++ Punta de Mona

At the head of the cliff La Herradura we find Punta de Mona. The depth here drops considerably through the 120Ft. So be aware, the flow of water is tricky here. Here too, Mola Mola and the somewhat larger marine life are regularly spotted. Just like La Calita, this dive site is a 1-hour boat ride from our dive center.


++ Cuevas del Virgin

In the bay of Marina del Este you can follow the reef the way you want. An ultimate dive site for a nice long dive. The depth varies from 36 – 60Ft. Almost no water flow so manageable for everyone. What to see next to the various caves and rock formations, you can find everything that makes diving in the Mediterranean so nice, soft corals, octopus, stone fish, congers, moray’s, sardines, Boquerón’s, yellowtails and flying gurnard.


+ Marina

At the start of the reef, close to the beach, you can dive and snorkel beautifully. This place is also ideal for receiving diving training. Not to worry for the experienced diver because from here you swim effortlessly to Cueva del Virgin, Fraggle Rock and Punta del Mona itself. In short, mooring here is a party for everyone.


+++ Fraggle Rock

In the middle of the bay we find Fraggle Rock a plateau at a depth of about 70 Ft. which you can easily reach with a descent line. Normally we hardly have any current here. You can fully swim the rock and further explore the plateau. Here too you will encounter all Mediterranean Sea life.

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