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Snorkeling with the complete family is only possible from our boat and with our divecenter.

If you are looking for a lifetime experience with your family when being on holliday in Spain, the snorkeling is one of the ebst activities you can do.

Can everybody join us on our snorkeling tours ?

Well you have to be able to swim in open water, and yoy have to be able to be on our boat from 9.30 – 16.00 but,,,,,,,,,snorkeling is a lifetime experience.

You will be at our divecenter in Caleta de Velez around 09.00. We will provide you with coffe, tea, water etc. We will do a boat brieifng so you know what to expect. In a short walk of roughly 5 minutes we arrive at our boat which is docked in the port of Caleta de Velez. On board we will provide you with softdrinks, light snacks, fruits and a beer and wine when going back at the end of the day. Around 16.00 we are back at the port of Caleta de Velez.

Yes offcourse, you will receive : 7mm suit, booties, finns, diving mask and drysnorkel. Offcourse, we do have all sizes also for kids, Aswell in the suits ans aswell in the diving masks.

Well as said before, you have to be able to swim and you must be confident in the open water. There is no minimum age for snorkeling but we prefer to say that you need to have a swimming diploma. When kids are coming all alone the minmum age will be 16 years old.