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Snorkeling in Spain on the Costa del Sol.

diving in spain

Snorkeling is a day activity or a sport that can be done by everyone in the family from young and older. The only condition is that you can swim. A day on the boat from our dive center to go snorkeling involves the following:

In the morning at 8.45 a.m. gather at Dutch Scuba Divers Avenida de Andalucía local 163B 29751 Caleta de Vélez, Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.

To do the mandatory paperwork first while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. At the same time, we give you a briefing about what awaits you during the day of snorkeling. If you suffer from seasickness, report this. You will receive the right medication from us so that you too have a wonderful day in the water.

Our divemaster’s and instructors ask you for certain sizes so that they know for sure that we bring the right snorkeling equipment on board. You will receive a diving suit, booties, fins, mask and snorkel from us.

What can you expect to see during a day of snorkeling with Dutch Scuba Divers:

  • Dolphins at the boat
  • The beautiful colors of the reef
  • Schools with sardines and Boquerón’s
  • The various types of reef fish.
  • The amazingly beautiful coast of the Costa del Sol with its beautiful mountains in the background.

(note, we cannot guarantee seeing underwater life)

Around 9.15a.m. we walk from the diving center to the harbor where the boats are moored.

You can choose which boat you prefer (we will do everything to respect your wish)

  • The day boat with toilet, kitchen and changing room on board. The Buceolanda I
  • The fast RIB, the Buceolanda II

At 9.30 a.m. we leave the port, depending on weather, wind and currently we have already decided where we are going. For the snorkeling day trip, it will always be to the Cerro Gordo, Cañuelo, or to Calaceite (Torrox wreck Delphin)

During the boat trip you can enjoy the picturesque view that you have on the coast of Andalucía, the Costa del Sol. At the same time, we serve coffee, tea or water combined with a light snack.

We do two snorkeling sessions of your choice where we will also film you (also underwater). You can therefore decide for yourself how long you stay in the water. After all, around 14.00 / 14.30 we sail back to the port of Caleta de Vélez where we arrive around 15.30.

Everyone can join this snorkeling tour; you can also choose to stay on board and just make it a very nice day excursion. In addition to snorkeling, a day out on the Mediterranean is of course really great to experience.

Reservations can be made via the form below, by telephone on +34 951569494, or by e-mail at The sooner you make a reservation, the better. After all, we only have two boats, both of which can only take 8-10 passengers alongside the crew.

So are you on vacation in Spain and are you staying in one of the following places on the Costa del Sol: Torremolinos, Fuengirola. Benalmadena, Marbella, Malaga, Nerja, Torre del Mar or one of the other smaller places than our diving and snorkeling center in Caleta de Vélez is also very near to you.