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Diver training

Divecenter, divingschool and diveshop Dutch Scuba Divers, located in caleta de Vele, Costa del Sol, Spain

diving in spain

Whether it is your first diving experience, obtaining your certification or doing a follow-up diving course. At our diving center (Dutch Scuba Divers diving school) you can start and follow every diving course as per off today. We prefer to do all mandatory outdoor dives that belong to the various diving courses from one of our two boats, in order to give you the most diving experience during your diving course or to obtain your diving certificate on the best way.

When your looking for the best, most comfortable and safest divecenter in Spain you are on the right place.

During all diving courses you use (or can use) all of our diving materials. Of course, we do every dive with a dive computer and this is also included in the required diving materials. You always dive with our diving equipment which are all ‘brand new’ including a dive computer which you must wear on your wrist, the slogan ‘Safety First’ is just not a slogan.

We are flexible, you can start your divetraining every day of the week.

  • Try Scuba Diving – € 125.00This will be your first diving experience which will take you directly to the wonderful underwater world of the Costa del Sol in Spain. Read on and reserve and book your Try Scuba Diving day today.

    Scuba Refresh – € 125.00

    If you have obtained a diving license in the past but have not been diving for a long time, book a scuba refresh course in which we will first repeat and refresh all your diving skills that you have ever learned before. We really start diving deeply. Read everything about our scuba refresh course and book it today.

    Scuba Diver – € 275.00

    You like to get your diving license, but you actually don’t have enough time, choose for the Scuba Diver diving course. With this diving license you can dive, under the supervision of a diving instructor, to a depth of #12 meters. Later on after  you can pass for the complete open water diver diving license and you have already done this first module. Read more about the Scuba Diver diving course and reserve and book it today.

    Open Water Diver – € 475.00

    With this certification you may dive worldwide. This diving course take #4 full training days.

    But then you will  be a well-trained diver when you finish with this. Read further on what awaits at this diving course and book your open water diver course today.

    Stress and Rescue diving training – € 325.00

    Do you want to become a better buddy with more responsibility and can you handle this, then this stress and rescue diving course might be something for you? Read more regarding this diving course and book it today.

    Deep dive training – € 259.00

    If you want to dive deeper and adjust your theory to that, then the deep dive training may be your must do. After certification you can and allow dive to a depth of #40 meters. Read more about the deep dive training and book it today.

    Navigation – € 169.00

    Finding your way back underwater to the shore line or to the boat is lifesaving. In this diving course you will not only learn to dive with a compass, but also more practical issues such as posture and trim. In short say, the perfect holiday diving course. Read more and book it today. 

    Perfect Buoyancy – € 169.00

    Perhaps the most in the dive world underestimated, this is probably also the most important diving course. It is precisely in this diving course that you learn to trim perfectly and you work effectively on your diving posture. In short say, book this diving course. Read more about the Perfect Buoyancy diving course here and book it today.

    Nitrox – € 169.00

    With a different gas mixture, diving becomes much more safer. Of course, very important, you must know exactly and must understand how to use this. In the Nitrox diving course, we teach you all kind of this. Read on and book this diving course today.

    Divemaster – € 699.00

    Take the first steps in a total new underwater world, that of what we call ‘that of a diving professional’. Of course, there are entry requirements to this course. Logical because you first have to be able to dive perfectly before you can become a dive professional. Read all above.

    Contact us regarding this course, this not JUST a course, it is a life changing course to become a Divemaster.

    Learning to dive is so much fun when you’re on vacation on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Whether you are staying in: Malaga, Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella, Estepona, Nerja, Frigilliana, Torrox, Torre Del Mar, Velez Málaga, Cerro Gordo, la Herradura, Marina del Este, Almuñécar or Maro our dive center is really close by in your area. If transport is a problem, please ask, we are one phone call away.

    We can help you with pick-up e.g. Malaga Airport. Of course, on your expense